Salve for Souls

Monday, February 29, 2016


Imagine waking to find a velvet jewelry box on your nightstand. A gift tag bears your name. But this jewelry box is different. Maybe it is purple or red. You don't know what to make of it. Perhaps it is a joke or your eyes are playing tricks. You scratch your head and give a dubious look. Still, your curious hand reaches out and you open the box to discover dazzling jewels.

This can be compared to the many expressions of God's voice. They sometimes come in unexpected ways.

Just ask the Biblical Balaam, on his way to meet with King Balak of Moab about cursing the encroaching Israelites (see Numbers 22). Instead, God granted Balaam's donkey human speech and it brought about a change of heart. Balaam wound up blessing the Israelites.

God "speaks" to my friend, Nancy, through the songs of birds.

She explains. "It first happened during a difficult time, with no sign of progress or relief. Unable to sleep one night, I got up to read my Bible. After a while, a bird began to sing. Thinking that unusual for this hour, I prayed, Lord, birds don't normally sing at night. Could this mean something?"

His "still small voice"[1] whispered into my thoughts. Just as birds sing in the darkness of night, so shall you sing in the darkness of your trouble.

That hope echoed in Nancy's heart, until her situation was resolved.

Photo by David Reigada
For me, an important message came during a recent Sunday service, when I heard a schoolteacher's bell ring. No one else appeared to have heard, but it got my attention. So did my pastor's words.

"Are you the type of Christian who promotes another's freedom or restricts it? Thinking we know better is judging."

I suspect the divine teacher rang that bell in my heart, so I could ponder those words. I later realized they addressed a problem with a relative whom I believed was making poor decisions. Knowing these would impact her life, I repeatedly offered my advice, then stewed when it was ignored. The relational walls went up.

One day, my husband said something key. "By giving advice, you're saying you know better."

My pastor's words applied. I was judging and needed to promote my relative's freedom by respecting her right to make her own decisions. As I do this, the relational walls come down.

This teaches me anew, that having a willing spirit to hear God's voice in its many expressions, is a gift that changes our lives.

Pearl to Ponder: Have you heard God "speak" in an unconventional manner?

Love Nugget: There are purple and red "jewelry boxes" with your name. Believe and find treasure.

[1] See 1 Kings 19:12

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  1. Now that I have my own hard copy of this wonderful inspiring book I can read these "nuggets" any time I wish. Thank you so much for sharing such insightful passages and publishing them for others to discover.

  2. So glad you are enjoying the book. Enjoy your journey of discovery and the precious, heavenly jewels with your name.