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Friday, February 5, 2016


The Jewel of God's Golden Thread
Sample devotion from Where Your Heart Meets God's, available from MillerWords
"See, I am sending an angel ahead of you" (Exodus 23:20, NIV).

Do certain events seem to weave a golden thread through your life? For me, this involves a snowy day in rural Virginia, when I secured my toddler in his car seat and took off for the store. Driving along a country road, we seemed to be the only moving object in a snowy stillness blanketing homes, meadows and woods.
Suddenly, the car began to slide. Panic and prayer came fast. God, help us!
We plowed into a snow bank, shaken but safe. When I tried to back out, the wheels only spun. We were stuck! Frustrated, I rested my head on the steering wheel. Tears burned in my eyes.
How could I have been so irresponsible to bring my baby out on a day like this? What am I going to do, God?
I soon heard a knock at my window, then looked into the face of a grandfatherly, African-American man. I stared in shock.
Where did he come from? Just a moment ago, no one was there.
This man seemed to have walked out of a cloud. He knocked again.
"Let me help you."
Although I would normally be hesitant to let a stranger into my car, I sensed this man was gentle as a lamb. Unlocking the door, I slid over and let him take the wheel. He quickly maneuvered us out of the snow bank.
"Thank you," I said and as quickly as my helper appeared, he was gone. Forgetting about the store, I inched my way back home.
Something similar happened when I was in New York City, running to catch the subway and my card would not register the fare. Trying again and again, I became anxious. My train was approaching and I needed to catch it. No one paid attention until a grandfatherly African-American man suddenly appeared at my side.
"I can help," he said, taking the card I offered and then getting me through so I could catch the train.
I thanked him as he vanished into the multitudes.
Years later, while wandering up and down city streets, searching for the hospital where my mother was a patient, I entered a building that looked like it could be the place. A grandfatherly African-American man was seated behind a desk in the lobby. I gave him my mother's name and asked if she was a patient.
"The place you want is two blocks away," he said.
To make sure I got there, he came out from behind his desk and walked outside to point the way. I was soon enjoying a visit with my mom.
There were more golden threads involving this grandfather figure and I never put them together until my son asked if this helper could be my guardian angel. That is when I realized these seemingly random occurrences might not be so random after all.
You may recall golden threads in your life too. They could be acts of kindness, protection or provision in a moment of need—maybe a mysterious stranger that came at the right time to lend a hand.
Whatever it might be, it is not chance or luck. It is God letting you know you are under His watchful care, and that life's golden threads weave their way to His heart.

PEARL TO PONDER: Do you believe it's possible to see an angel? Have they shown up in your life?
LOVE NUGGET: You are always within the loving reach of God's angels.

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