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Saturday, March 5, 2016


In St. Augustine Florida's Castillo de San Marcos, mysterious words are engraved on ancient castle walls. No one has been able to decipher their meaning. For hundreds of years they have been a story waiting to be told. There are many such stories in St. Augustine. They echo in her regal buildings, grand Victorian homes and the clip-clop of romantic horse-drawn carriages. This mystique inspired me to write "Love's Sweetest Revenge,"(Book I in the Castle in the Sun series)  published by Helping Hands Press.
How could a dangerous encounter with a bear possibly bring Liz to the castle, the mysterious words (seen at end of blog) and romance?

The saga continues Book 2, in Love and Obsession:
Liz and Carlos are planning a romantic wedding at St. Augustine's legendary Love Tree, but Steve is hell-bent on stopping them. Can he sneak past Jack and his motorcycle buddies to accomplish his evil? Kindle edition just $2.99.
Liz and Carlos enjoying each other
and a visit to the Castillo de San Marcos
If you look close, you can see words engraved into the wall of the Castillo de San Marcos, near centuries-old quarters for Spanish soldiers. The meaning of the words remains an unsolved mystery.

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