Salve for Souls

Monday, September 26, 2016


Before taking off with Gloria, a twenty-something plaything, Steve verbally assaults his wife, Liz. "I wasted my youth on you. You've let yourself go. Look at you! I don't even want you anymore."
Seeing the rage in Liz's eyes, Steve bolts for the door as she hurls a vase at him. Barely missing his head, the vase smashes into the wall.

In Book 1, "Love's Sweetest Revenge," how could a
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He mocks her. "You broke it! I was going to give it to Gloria, along with your wedding gown. It's just her size and you'll never squeeze your fat butt into it again."
"I'll wash the car with that dress before I give it to you and your tramp," Liz yells back.
Although Steve has redeeming qualities, such as being a good father and provider for the twin sons he had with Liz, his hurtful words and actions keep Liz in emotional chains. This continues after she begins a relationship with Carlos Martín, a brilliant and  handsome Presidential aide, who has flown aboard Air Force One.
He says he loves her, but Steve said he loved her too. And Carlos has wined and dined beautiful, bejeweled woman at embassies around  the world. Can Liz free herself from the chains that bind her, to surrender her heart? Find out in "Love's Sweetest Revenge," first in the "Castle in the Sun" romance/suspense series.:
Book 2: Just as an approaching hurricane rattling palm trees
and pushing waves, signals danger, Steve's escalating
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