Salve for Souls

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


That's what I thought, paralyzed with fear on the stairs of a run-down New York City walk-up, where I was on my way to visit a relative.
A menacing-looking man had suddenly emerged from the darkness beneath the staircase. He appeared poised to attack. I was ready to scream when . . .
Find out what happened in "The Jewel of the Father's Open Arms," one of 51 devotions in "Where Your Heart Meets God's," a devotional book published by MillerWords.

Saturday, August 12, 2017


Win an eBook of Flora Reigada's “how-to” devotional “Where Your Heart Meets God’s”. Answer this question: “In the Old Testament, when did the nail prevail?”

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Monday, July 31, 2017

Cover Reveal - Love's Sweetest Revenge by Flora Reigada

Flora Reigada is back and this time, she is introducing her series Castle in the Sun. The lives of the characters in this universe are centered around a well known "castillo" in Saint Augustine, FL.
Today's cover reveal is for the first book in series titled Love's Sweetest Revenge.

Before taking off with a plaything in her twenties, Liz's husband ripped her apart with his words. "I wasted my youth on you. You've let yourself go. Look at you! I don't even want you anymore."

Could Liz's best revenge be starting over?

Love's Sweetest Revenge is coming soon from MillerWords!

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Thursday, August 10, 2017


I shivered all the way to the doctor's office that frigid January day. Not only was my car's heater broken, I was trembling with fear. A mammogram and other terrifying tests had revealed suspicious lumps.
Now a surgeon would tell me whether I needed a mastectomy.
Prior to this crisis, I had not given my own mortality much thought. But like the chill in my car and the wintry landscape outside my window, it seemed to be wrapping its cold, bony fingers around my throat.
God, I prayed. I'm only in my 30s. I have children at home. Let me have my life.

Find out what happened in "The Jewel of Heavenly Wonders," one of 51 devotions in "Where Your Heart Meets God's" available from MillerWords.
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I felt so alone that cold, frightening day.

Friday, August 4, 2017


Treasure hunters hack through jungles, climb mountains and dive into oceans to uncover vast fortunes. Priceless works of art and valuable antiques have been discovered at yard sales, thrift stores and in dusty attics. But sometimes, treasure is found where we least expect, even when we are not looking for it.
I never imagined this could happen to me until . . .
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Monday, July 24, 2017


The Jewel of Revelatory Realms
"I have set before you an open door" (Revelation 3:8, NKJV).

To visit my mother in the gothic-style apartment building where she lives on Staten Island, New York, I enter massive wooden doors with stained-glass panels. These open to a gleaming marbled lobby, reminiscent of a castle hall.

From there, an elevator ascends several floors. When I emerge, my footsteps echo through wide corridors. Doors stretch down the corridors and I wonder what souls and secrets might be beyond.

Doors can represent many things. We know Jesus is the Door to salvation.[i] Doors also represent opportunities or relationships and these may open or close. When the door to my mother's apartment opens, she welcomes me into her home.
But are there doors of the spirit, through which the believer may enter the inner kingdom or revelatory realms?
This is discussed in "Where Your Heart Meets God's," a devotional book that explores the many expressions of God's voice. E-book only $1.99.

[i] See John 10:7


Saturday, July 22, 2017


Flora Reigada delivers some powerful messages like this one in her "how-to" devotional "Where Your Heart Meets God's."

Whatever has happened and however things may appear or feel, God's faithfulness and devotion to you cannot be shaken. He will never walk away. Nothing can separate you from His love. Abandonment cannot do this, nor divorce. Neither can sickness, fears, worries, angels nor demons. Nothing that comes into your life is stronger than the covenant of love, Christ signed in His blood, giving His life so you would give Him yours.
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