Salve for Souls

Monday, February 11, 2019


May the best man win in St. Augustine, Florida, where Liz and Carlos plan to marry at the city’s legendary Love Tree. But Liz’s ex-husband, Steve, is hell-bent on stopping them and he’s ready to duke it out with Carlos. 

Can Steve sneak past Jack and his motorcycle buddies to accomplish his evil? Who will prevail? And how does a tiny acorn hold a big secret?
Find out in ObsessedBook 2 in the Castle in the Sun romantic-suspense series, coming soon.
Liz can feel her ex-husband's steely blue eyes watching her every move.

In Book 1, enjoy a taste of Spain, seasoned with
romance and mystery, in sun-kissed St. Augustine, Florida. 
 E-book ONLY 99 cents.

Thursday, January 24, 2019


The historic Pritchard House in Titusville Florida,
 inspiration for the "Casa Martin."
Imagine you have won a week of being catered to at the classy Casa Martin bed and breakfast in sunny St. Augustine, Florida. I say imagine because the elegant, Queen Anne, Victorian-style home exists only in the pages of my "Castle in the Sun" romantic-suspense series.

The series follows its renovation from abandoned and run-down, into a community jewel, much like its inspiration, the Pritchard House in Titusville, Florida. See this elegant home and you will see how I envision the Casa Martin. But while the Pritchard House serves as a community museum, the Casa Martin serves guests generous helpings of fine food and southern hospitality.

In your mind's eye, step onto that welcoming porch to unload your baggage and cares. Admire the ornate, antique furnishings and framed artwork, as the hostess escorts you upstairs to the master suite.
Continue your dream vacation in the pages of "Second Chance-With a Spanish Flair," first in the series. E-book ONLY 99 cents.
Get a taste of Spain, seasoned with romance and mystery,
 in sun-kissed, St. Augustine, Florida.

Saturday, January 19, 2019


"You've got a fat butt," Liz's husband, Steve, tells her.

Liz had put on a few pounds since giving birth to twins and her husband, Steve, would not let her forget. Before taking off with a twenty-something plaything, he rips Liz apart with his words.
"I wasted my youth on you. You've let yourself go. Look at you! I don't even want you anymore." Although an accomplished artist, it has been far too long since Liz has picked up her paintbrush. She feels stifled and unattractive.
The discovery of a hidden locket filled with secrets, leads Liz to Carlos, a handsome and accomplished Presidential aide who has dined in the White House and flown aboard Air Force One. He pursues Liz and wants their relationship to move forward. He finds her attractive and desirable just as she is.
"You've got it in all the right places," he tells her.
But Carlos has wined and dined beautiful, bejeweled women at embassies and conciliates around the world. He has earned his reputation as a womanizer. Can Liz trust him? 
Answers unfold in Second Chance With a Spanish Flair, Book 1 in the Castle in the Sun romantic-suspense series
Get a taste of Span, seasoned with romance and mystery, in
romantic, St. Augustine, Florida.

Thursday, January 17, 2019


Ancient stone walls winding through the wilds of New York State, hide secrets and Liz discovers one of them. 

Following the clues takes Liz and best friend, Rosa, to a castle in paradise (the Castillo de San Marcos) in St. Augustine, Florida. 
The Castillo de  San Marcos in St. Augustine, Florida
Inside the castle, more secrets are engraved on the walls. For centuries, no one has been able to decipher their meaning. What might it all mean and how does it lead the friends to an abandoned Victorian home, an encounter with police--and romance? 

The mysterious words are barely visible.
It all unfolds in Second Chance With a Spanish Flair, Book 1 in the Castle in the Sun series.
E-book ONLY 99 cents:
Cover art by: diversepixel

Liz has moved on with her life, but her ex-husband just can't let go.
She can feel his cold, blue eyes watching her every move.
Find out more in "Obsessed," Book 2 in the "Castle in the Sun"
romantic-suspense series, coming soon.
Cover art by: Daniela

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Carlos took off on his roaring Harley-Davidson, never imagining the fate awaiting him. He stopped at an intersection, when the speeding pickup truck smashed into him, bulldozing Carlos and his motorcycle across the road.
In an instant, he went from bleeding on the asphalt, to a radiant meadow and the joyful welcome of loved ones who had gone before.
This glimpse of heaven is described in "Second Chance-Too Good to be True?" the first book in my "Castle in the Sun" romantic-suspense series. While based on actual accounts, Carlos' encounter with the beyond, is fictional.
But what happened to me is more real than the stars in the sky. I describe this glimpse of heaven in my devotional, "Where Your Heart Meets God's." I would need the comfort it imparted, because heartbreak and rejection would soon crush me to the core.
The unfolding situation bowed my shoulders as I trudged to bed that night and fell into a troubled sleep.
Then suddenly, I found myself prostrate before a king on a throne and in the presence of love infinitely greater than any I had ever known. This love surrounded me like an embrace, yet it was not only external. Like the penetrating warmth from a fireplace, it reached into my every molecule. The love was more than emotion. It was alive and it had its source in the being on the throne.

Even though I could not see him, I never thought to ask why. Whatever happened, I knew this king had my best interests at heart and was committed to my care, like a father for his dear child. Kindness was at His core.
I immediately knew this King of Love was God.
As He spoke, tenderness filled His voice—a voice that in eons past, had thundered the universe into existence.
He issued two promises, one about my children, the other about the writing career of which I had always dreamed.
He issued a third, more personal promise as a wind lifted me into a tunnel that would transport me home. That's when I caught a parting glimpse of my surroundings, which seemed to be carved into a mountain. Massive stone walls illuminated in candlelight, were reminiscent of a grotto, or the holy hush of votive candles at a church altar.

Although my problems were still there when I awoke the next morning, I knew the love that had carried me to heaven and back, would never let go.
See Exodus 33:20
See 1 John 4:8

Read more about encounters with God in their many forms and how we can recognize them in our lives, in "Where Your Heart Meets God's, Find Your Personal Treasure." 
Paperback, $10.
E-book also available, ONLY $1.99.

Saturday, January 12, 2019


Fly away for a dream vacation in sun-kissed, St. Augustine, Florida, in the pages of "Second Chance-With a Spanish Flair," first in the "Castle in the Sun," romantic suspense series.
Join Liz and Rosa as they visit a castle in paradise and encounter mystery, romance and even danger. A plane ticket will cost hundreds of dollars, and a vacation thousands. In the pages of "Second Chance," a dream, Florida vacation can be taken for mere pennies and right from the comfort of your own home.

Get a taste of Spain, seasoned with romance and mystery
in sun-kissed, St. Augustine, Florida. E-book ONLY 99 cents.

The Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine, Florida.
The "Castle in the Sun."
Nighttime view from oceanfront condo.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019


Danger is lurking among the trees.
We never know when a minor change in our daily routine will alter the course of our life. Thirty-something Liz Bertelli had other things on her mind that fateful day she ventured from her usual walking path into New York State's pine-scented, but lonely forest. Her husband had left for a plaything in her twenties, and it had been far too long since Liz, an award-winning artist had picked up a paintbrush.
She doesn't see the mother bear with cubs until it is too late. When the bear charges, Liz runs for her life. But falling, she strikes her head against an old stone wall, where she spots jewelry glittering.
What will it mean? And will Liz get a second chance at life--maybe even love?
Find out more in "Second Chance," Book I in the "Castle in the Sun" series.
E-book ONLY 99 cents, for a limited time.
Paperback also available:

As Liz falls unconscious, she spots jewelry glittering in an old, stone wall. 
Who hid it there? And why?

The mystery unfolds in "Second Chance With a Spanish Flair,"
leading to a  Hispanic hunk and a castle.