Salve for Souls

Saturday, November 7, 2015


We never know when a minor change in our daily routine will alter the course of our lives. Thirty-something Liz Bertelli had other things on her mind that fateful day in rural New York State. Her husband had left for a plaything in her twenties, and it had been far too long since the award-winning artist had picked up her paintbrush. Who could she turn to?  God was not an option. "We're not on speaking terms," Liz says.

Mulling over these things, she wanders from her usual path, following one of the many centuries-old stone walls, winding through the woods. She doesn't see the mother bear with cubs until it is too late.

The bear charges and Liz runs in blind panic, falling against the wall, knocking herself unconscious. As the world gradually returns to focus, Liz finds herself face-down in the dirt, with her head throbbing. At first she plays dead, fearing the bear is nearby.  Hearing only the stillness of the forest, she gathers the courage to look around. With no bear in sight, she struggles to her feet. Just then, she catches a glimpse of a shiny object wedged between two stones in the wall. A tarnished silver locket is soon in her hand.

Liz has no idea that the locket and its secrets, will bring her and best friend, Rosa Ramirez (a young widow)  to a castle in the romantic city of St. Augustine, Florida. More clues lead to an abandoned Victorian home and handsome Latino brothers, Carlos and Jack Martín.

Sparks fly between Liz and Carlos, a  presidential aide who has flown aboard Air Force One. Jack, a rugged Army hero, roars into Rosa's life on a gleaming Harley-Davidson motorcycle. But can Liz, embittered by her husband's betrayal, trust another man? And can Rosa, still grieving her husband's untimely passing, climb behind Jack on his motorcycle and hold on tight to love's new adventure? Answers, even glimmers of faith, come on a snowy Christmas day in New York State, when a bone-chilling trek through a narrow forest trail, leads to another surprise hidden in the old stone wall.

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