Salve for Souls

Friday, April 8, 2016


The historic Pritchard House in Titusville Florida,
 inspiration for the "Casa Martin."
Imagine you have won a week of being catered to at the classy Casa Martin bed and breakfast in sunny St. Augustine, Florida. I say imagine because the elegant, Queen Anne, Victorian-style home exists only in the pages of my "Castle in the Sun" romance/suspense series.

The series follows its renovation from abandoned and run-down, into a community jewel, much like its inspiration, the Pritchard House in Titusville, Florida. See this elegant home and you will see how I envision the Casa Martin. But while the Pritchard House serves as a community museum, the Casa Martin serves guests generous helpings of fine food and southern hospitality.

In your mind's eye, step onto that welcoming porch to unload your luggage and cares. Admire the ornate, antique furnishings and framed artwork, as the hostess escorts you upstairs to the master suite.
Continue your dream vacation in the pages of "Love's Sweetest Revenge" first in the series. 
E-book ONLY 99 cents:
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In Book 2, it's kisses and "war"
on Florida's sun-drenched shores.

Thursday, April 7, 2016


Set aside your cares and enter the luxurious Florida condo featured in my "Castle in the Sun," romance-suspense series. Enjoy the "million-dollar" ocean view.
In the kitchen, Latino hunks and brothers, Carlos and Jack Martin are preparing ethnic cuisine for love interests, Liz and Rosa.
Relax and enjoy the ocean view, photo by D.R.
Vaca frita (fried cow) is on the menu. It is shredded beef, marinated in lime, garlic and salt, then seared until crispy. Yellow rice, black beans and maduros, (fried plantains) are on the side.
The table is set in elegant dinnerware, while candles flicker to the strains of romantic background music.
Liz cannot resist taking a picture of her meal.
Come join Liz and Carlos, Jack and Rosa, for adventure, romance and a dream Florida vacation, seasoned with a generous portion of mystery.
It's all in "Love's Sweetest Revenge" and "Love's Sweetest Obsession," Books 1 and 2 in the series.
In Book 1, how could a dangerous bear encounter possibly
lead to a locket filled with secrets and a castle in paradise?

E-book ONLY 99 cents.

In Book 2, it's kisses and "war" on
Florida's sun-drenched shores.