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Friday, April 8, 2016


The historic Pritchard House in Titusville Florida,
 inspiration for the "Casa Martin."
Imagine you have won a week of being catered to at the classy Casa Martin bed & breakfast in sunny St. Augustine, Florida. I say imagine because the elegant, Queen Anne Victorian-style home exists only in the pages of my "Castle in the Sun" romance/suspense series.

The series follows its renovation from abandoned and run-down, into a community jewel, much like its inspiration, the Pritchard House in Titusville, Florida. See this elegant home and you will see how I envision the Casa Martin. But while the Pritchard House serves as a community museum, the Casa Martin serves guests generous helpings of fine food and southern hospitality.

In your mind's eye, step onto that welcoming porch to unload your luggage and cares. Admire the ornate, antique furnishings and framed artwork as the owner escorts you upstairs to the master suite.
Continue your dream vacation in the pages of "Love's Sweetest Revenge" first in the series. E-book just $2.99.

Thursday, April 7, 2016


A scene from "Love's Sweetest Revenge" brings Liz and Rosa to a luxurious oceanfront condominium, with a million-dollar view of waves crashing onto Florida's sundrenched shore. The condo belongs to Carlos Martín, an international linguist who has worked with the President and flown aboard Air Force One.
Sipping wine from sparkling crystal, Liz and Rosa smile toward the open kitchen where Carlos and his brother Jack, are preparing Cuban cuisine for the foursome.
In their prime with rugged good looks, the brothers smile back, while romantic Spanish music plays in the background. Its castanets and guitars seem to dance in the fragrance of perfectly seasoned meat sizzling on the burner.
Seated on the plush sofa, Liz sways her well-proportioned form to the sensuous strains. Beside her, Rosa claps with the rhythm, its passion reflecting in her dark eyes.
The attraction between Liz and Carlos would prove irresistible, as would the chemistry between Rosa and Jack, an Army hero.
Rosa smoothes back her velvet-black hair. "I wouldn't change a thing about this vacation or this moment," she says to Liz.
Soon the table is set, candles are lit and generous portions of food are served.
The meat is crowned with onions and accompanied by yellow rice, black beans and sweet plantains, all cooked to perfection.
"Delicious!" Liz exclaims, closing her eyes to focus her senses on the mouth-watering food.
Being Latina, Rosa has made similar dishes. Liz is more familiar with the Italian recipes her parents brought from their native Italy.
"Please tell me what everything is and how you prepared it, especially the meat," she asks the brothers. "I might just try making it at home."
Carlos and Jack explain in turn. "The meat is vaca frita, meaning literally, fried cow. It's shredded beef we cook in red wine, lemon and spices such as garlic, oregano and cumin."
The brothers make sure Liz has the recipe. Liz cannot resist taking a picture of her meal.

Come join Liz, Carlos, Rosa and Jack for adventure, romance and a dream Florida vacation seasoned with a generous portion of mystery.
It's all in "Love's Sweetest Revenge," Book One in my "Castle in the Sun," romance series.

E-book just $2.99. Kindle Unlimited $0.00.
The saga continues in "Love and Obsession," Book two in the series. E-book just $2.99. Kindle Unlimited $0.00.

Saturday, April 2, 2016


As a writer, I am privileged to have hubby, Dan, as my editor and first line of defense against errors. He has earned his nickname. "Ol' Eagle Eye." Whether glaring or subtle, he will spot errors and pounce on them like an eagle on its prey.

Here are some examples:

From my devotional, "Where Your Heart Meets God's," Dan and I read, "while wandering up and down a city street, looking for the hospital where my mother was a patient, I walked into a building."

"Ouch!" Dan exclaimed. "Did you get a bloody nose when you walked into the building?"

To correct this, I changed walked into a building, to entered a building.

My romance/mystery, "Love's Sweetest Revenge," opens as Liz has a dangerous encounter with a bear. She escapes, but is left with a fear of the forest she once loved. Best friend, Rosa is about to venture in, and tells Liz, "I don't expect you to come with me, though I did bring my rifle after you told me about this latest bear.  It's in the car."

Dan was amazed. "How did she get the bear in her car? And does it have a key?"

We re-wrote as follows: "I don't expect you to come with me, though after you told me about this latest bear I brought my rifle.  It's in the car."

And watch out for those double entendres. You be the judge. Ol' Eagle Eye discovered this one and gave me a raised eyebrow.

In "Love's Sweetest Revenge," Carlos recalls the broken femur he suffered in a near-fatal motorcycle accident. "I saw my bone sticking out of my pants leg," he said.

We re-wrote as follows: I saw the bone sticking out of my leg."   

 Before I emailed a story to a newspaper, Dan gave it a once-over.

"Who is Violent?" he asked me.

I could not believe that is what I had called someone named Violet.

Just one little "n" added with the slip of a finger, made quite a difference. It was also something my spell-checker did not flag.

Global changes of a name or word throughout a document can "spell" catastrophe.

While writing my inspirational thriller, "The Face Behind the Veil," I globally changed a character's name from Peter to Cedric. Imagine my surprise when I discovered reference to the biblical book of 1 Peter, changed to 1 Cedric.

Beware of the horrors of homonyms. These are words pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning, and may differ in spelling.

For example, Ol' Eagle Eye found my reference to "The British Aisles," rather than the "British Isles."

 Well, that's awl eye half two say four now.

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Flora's inspirational thriller, "The Face Behind the Veil," explores the secrets of the mysterious birth veil, what it meant to three generations of women and what it means to us today.
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