Salve for Souls

Thursday, May 5, 2016


“Maybe somedays.”  I have too many of them.
Some were picked up at yard sales. Maybe someday I’ll need this table, this wall hanging, shirt, chair, silk flowers. The list goes on and on. Other items were purchased in stores. They called to me and I could not resist. Maybe someday I’ll need this.

Maybe someday I'll clean that garage.
Then there is an empty box collection. Maybe someday I’ll need this box to ship something, somewhere. For most of these boxes, someday has never come. The boxes, along with piles of items purchased on a whim, then plopped down at random, lend my home all the “welcoming charm” of a storage shed.But “maybe somedays” aren’t only material. They are also dreams, goals and intentions. Maybe someday I’ll call that person, say I’m sorry, write that story, take that trip, clean that room, begin or finish that project.

Meanwhile, months, years and lifetimes slip away. Maybe somedays pile up like the empty boxes gathering dust in my closet.
I suspect most people have their maybe somedays. Too many will get buried in the cemetery.
For me, resolving the "maybe someday" clutter in my home, involves resisting the “siren song” of impulse buying. I have also learned to say “no thank you” to people who want to give me their own maybe someday stuff. “I was just going to throw this away, but I thought you could use it.”
This article attests to one maybe someday goal taken from the shelf. I’ve been meaning to write it for a long time.
Other maybe someday goals realized, include a devotional book I wrote, published by “MillerWords.” Titled, “Where Your Heart Meets God’s” it explores the many expressions of God’s voice, even those rarely discussed such as visions and dreams. Might that dream you had mean something?
Instead of maybe someday, today could be the day to take that first step.