Salve for Souls

Friday, October 28, 2016



It’s wedding bells and boxing-ring bells in St. Augustine, Florida, where Liz and Carlos plan to marry at the city’s legendary Love Tree. But Liz’s ex-husband, Steve, is hell-bent on stopping them and he’s ready to duke it out with Carlos. Can he sneak past Jack and his motorcycle buddies to accomplish his evil? Who will prevail? Reserve your ringside seat by ordering a copy of Love and Obsession, second in the Castle in the Sun series, published by Helping Hands Press. E-book just $2.99. Kindle Unlimited $0.00.

"Love's Sweetest Revenge" is first in the Castle in the Sun Series: Betrayed by her husband, can Liz trust another man? E-book just $2.99. Kindle Unlimited $0.00.

Sunday, October 9, 2016


A diamond and emerald engagement ring sparkles on Liz Bertelli's finger that Christmas day in New York State. Liz has just accepted a marriage proposal from Carlos Martin, a presidential aide who has flown aboard Air Force One.
The couple is gathered with family and friends for a holiday feast. Best friend Rosa Ramirez is there with Carlos' Army hero brother, Jack, the chemistry between them evident.
Hints of trouble come with a disturbing phone call from Liz's ex-husband, Steve. He seems determined to ruin Liz and Carlos' joy and sabotage their upcoming wedding in St. Augustine, Florida. Equally determined to exchange their vows, the couple arrives on the scene. Jack and Rosa join them.
But as an approaching hurricane rustling palms and stirring-up waves, signals danger, Steve's escalating behavior forecasts trouble. Can he get past Jack and his motorcycle buddies to stop Liz and Carlos' wedding? And how does a tiny acorn lead to a big surprise? It all unfolds in "Love and Obsession" book 2 in the "Castle in the Sun series."

E-book just $2.99. Kindle Unlimited $0.00

Book II I n the "Castle in the Sun Series."
 See Book I below.
It all begins in Book I of the "Castle in the Sun" series.

Kindle edition just $2.99. Kindle Unlimited $0.00