Salve for Souls

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


The day I looked death in the face began like many others.

As a photographer/reporter team for a newspaper in Central Florida, my husband Dan and I were on assignment to cover activities at a local horse ranch.

But as we drove there I felt unsettled, like the gusty wind rustling the trees.

Perhaps this hesitancy was God's "still small voice" (see 1 Kings 19:12) warning me to be careful.

At the ranch, its owner Lynn came to greet us. A children's riding class happened to be there on horseback. Lynn was about to lead the group down a sandy path to a meadow with a pond.

"Want to join us?" she asked Dan and me.

Dan nodded. “That sounds like a great setting for pictures.”

Angela Neal, volunteer at Hidden Rescue for Thoroughbreds
(HART) in Cocoa, Florida, (not location of incident)
gives horses such as  Lucy, tender loving care.
Holding a horse's reins, Lynn led the procession, while Dan and I brought up the rear on foot. I stepped carefully among piles of manure.

Dan pointed out an electric fence. "I touched one of those by accident years ago. It gave me quite a jolt."

When I turned to look, the wind blew sand into my eyes. As they burned and watered, I considered returning to our car and letting Dan tackle this job alone.

I dismissed the thought after seeing the fun others were having. The children were chatting and laughing. Dan began taking pictures as we emerged into the meadow.

While Dan moved closer for better picture angles, I stayed in the background taking notes. Relaxing a bit, I was able to appreciate the beauty of our surroundings. Beneath an azure sky, horses circled the pond and waded in with their riders astride.

Rachael Whiteley, volunteer at Hidden Acres Rescue
For Thoroughbreds (HART) in Cocoa Florida
(not location of incident) gives horses such as
Comrade, tender loving care.
But when I noticed unfenced horses grazing about 50 feet away, my unsettledness tried to creep back in. I forced it to the back of my mind. The horses were content, grazing peacefully. For a fleeting moment, I felt peaceful too.
Then suddenly, a spotted horse with a girl on its back, galloped toward the pond, kicking up its hind legs. The girl slid off, splashing into the pond, thankfully unhurt. The horse continued to gallop and buck.

Lynn attempted to grab its reins, but the horse galloped past her, around the circumference of the pond—aimed straight at me!

Time seemed to move in slow motion.

Where can I run? How will I get away?

I glanced behind me. The electric fence was right there and all around was open field, with nowhere to hide.

My heart pounded. I could almost feel the horse's hooves kicking me to death right there in the muck and manure. God help me, I prayed.

Immediately, one of the loose horses stopped grazing. Although facing away from the panicked animal, it turned as if on cue. It then galloped into the path of the spotted horse, blocking its way. Calmed, the spotted horse trotted off in another direction. Things returned to normal as the intervening horse went back to grazing.

Lynn later told Dan and me that the horse had "spooked" because it was new to the ranch and something had blown past its face.

As we drove home, Dan expressed amazement.

"That horse in the field seemed to know exactly what it had to do."

Shaken but thankful, I agreed, certain the horse had received its instruction from the Master, who heard my cries.

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Thursday, November 17, 2016


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Tuesday, November 15, 2016


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Saturday, November 12, 2016


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Thursday, November 10, 2016



During the final, critical moments of a football game, I leaped to my feet with the cheering crowd when the quarterback hit a home run.
Not really—but that scenario illustrates something unbelievable about my writing career. For several years, I covered sports for a newspaper, even though I know absolutely nothing about sports.

I got by quoting those involved in and passionate about whatever sport I was featuring.
People were amazed by my "vast knowledge." Now the truth can be told.

It can also be told about mistakes I have made as a writer. I keep a log to remind myself how easy it is to trip up—sometimes in subtle ways. Errors were often caught by my husband and editor, Dan, whom I call Ol' Eagle Eye. He will spot a mistake and pounce on it.

Here are some examples:
In a query to a publisher, I wrote, "A 100 word blub follows, rather than a blurb.

In a devotional, I wrote about a lethargical dancer, rather than a liturgical dancer.

I addressed an envelope containing my manuscript to Strange Publications, instead of Strang Publications.
For a newspaper story about how a New Jersey transplant initially thought Florida was a new state with little history, I wrote, "A move to Titusville and the historic, LaGrange Cemetery would challenge that perception."
Dan asked me if she had moved to the cemetery.

I re-wrote the sentence as follows: "A move to Titusville and a visit to the historic, LaGrange Cemetery would challenge that perception."

In "Lovers and Secrets," book three of my "Castle in the Sun" romance series, I wrote, "Carlos returned to his room, immaculately cleaned by hotel workers."

Dan asked me if he had been scrubbed down with a big brush.

I re-wrote the sentence as follows: Carlos returned to his hotel room, finding it immaculately cleaned by hotel workers.
Somehow, at the conclusion of a Bible verse in a very serious devotion, an extraneous word became inserted. "But knowing these things and knowing His fate, Jesus still told his disciples, 'I have looked forward to this hour with deep longing, anxious to eat this Passover meal with you.'" Pocahontas
Dan asked me if Pocahontas attended the last supper.

This is but a sampling of my mistakes, many of which got past my spelling/grammar checker. Sharp human eyes always work best.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Love grows amid the flowers in the magnificent Rockies, but sometimes romance can be deceptive.

Wren Tabor hopes the cool Colorado air at Lavender Fields Inn will heal her aching heart after her former boyfriend betrays her. When she literally bumps into handsome accountant Graham Maier, the painful memories from the past begin to fade. But after she sees Graham kissing another woman, she figures no man can be trusted.
Graham Maier needs to prove to his father he's as capable as his brother Greg. The Rocky Mountain Anglers' Tournament at Gold Pan Lake will give him the chance. But he must win first place. After he meets Wren, a woman like the unnamed girl who's occupied his dreams, he can't understand why she suddenly won't speak to him.
Can Wren learn to trust men again? Can Graham understand how valuable he is in God's sight?

Author, June Foster

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