Salve for Souls

Saturday, June 10, 2023



When Liz Bertelli thought her life was over, she discovered a locket filled with secrets, that sent her on a new journey. That mystery led her away from her verbally abusive, ex-husband Steve, to St. Augustine Florida and Carlos Martin, in the first Castle in the Sun novel.

In Book 2, Liz and Carlos gather with family and friends for a festive, holiday feast. Liz's best friend, Rosa

An unexpected and disturbing phone call interrupts the Christmas meal. Steve is back and 
Even though Liz's ex-husband, Steve, had left with
another woman, he just cannot bear to see Liz happy.
determined to ruin Liz's future plans. Hoping to avoid trouble, Liz and Carlos return to Florida. There, they set their sights on restoring a Victorian home into a classy bed and breakfast.

But, as an approaching hurricane rustling palms and stirring up waves, signals impending danger, Steve's escalating behavior forecasts trouble for everyone.

Will Steve ruin Liz's chance at happiness? Or will Jack and his motorcycle buddies be able to tame the hurricane? And what is with that acorn?  
Just as an approaching hurricane rattling palm trees and pushing waves signals danger, Steve's escalating behavior forecasts trouble for Liz and Carlos. Will he ruin their wedding plans? Find out more in the book. 

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Friday, June 9, 2023

Fly away to the place of your dreams

Fly away to the place of your dreams, maybe even the man of your dreams--in the pages of a book.


Wednesday, May 31, 2023


Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.
Mason Cooley


Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Will Laura escape the madman? Check out the book trailer!

 The stallion's hooves thundered on the cold earth as another gunshot ripped the air, and the killer's ATV gained ground.

What broken promise has brought Laura to this life or death chase?

Find out in Bibles and Bones in the Forest, coming soon from Miller Words.

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Trailer & cover by Mark Miller of Miller Words.
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Tuesday, December 20, 2022


Liz had put on a few pounds since giving birth to twins and her husband, Steve, would

not let her forget. Before taking off with a twenty-something plaything, he rips Liz apart with his words.

"I wasted my youth on you. You've let yourself go. Look at you! I don't even want you anymore." Although an accomplished artist, it has been far too long since Liz has picked up her paintbrush. She feels stifled and unattractive.
The discovery of a hidden locket filled with secrets, leads Liz to Carlos, a handsome and accomplished international linguist, who has dined in the White House and flown aboard Air Force One. He pursues Liz and wants their relationship to move forward. He finds her attractive and desirable just as she is.
"You've got it in all the right places," he tells her.
But Carlos has wined and dined beautiful, bejeweled women at embassies and conciliates around the world. He has earned his reputation as a womanizer. Can Liz trust him? 
Answers unfold in Love's Sweetest Revenge, Book 1 in the Castle in the Sun romantic suspense series, published by MillerWords

"You've got a fat butt," Liz's husband, Steve, tells her. Should
she believe him or Carlos, who likes women with a little something extra?

In Book 2, Love's Sweetest Deliverance, (right) Can Steve sneak past Jack and his biker buddies to stop Liz and Carlos' wedding?
In Book 3, Love's Sweetest Truth, Liz and Carlos
think their past was past, until they gst a surprise.

Covers by Mark Miller of Miller Words
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Monday, November 28, 2022


 Excerpt from "Love's Sweetest Truth," third in the "Castle in the Sun," romance book series.

Overseas on business, can the newly married Carlos resist an old flame?
At the close of another busy day, Carlos entered his hotel room, mentally and physically spent. Wanting to get comfortable, he slipped off his shoes and removed his jacket, draping it over a chair. He loosened his tie, taking it off, then his shirt and undershirt, baring his muscled chest and arms. He stretched to loosen up.

He was unbuckling his belt, when he caught a whiff of intoxicating perfume, sifting through the cracked-open bathroom door. A melodious giggle wafted through. The laughter had a familiar ring.
A woman’s seductive voice spoke in French. “Nice show, Carlos. Don’t stop now.”
Carlos whipped around to the sight of a curvy young brunette wearing a sheer négligée.
“Monique! What are you doing here?” he gasped in French.
The musical giggle sounded again as she sashayed over, caressing his face with her hand. “What am I doing here? Don’t you mean what are you doing here without contacting me like you always do? I saw you in the lobby. I thought we had an arrangement.”
“How did you get into my room?” Carlos blurted, staring in disbelief.
She lifted her face to kiss him. “Let’s just say I came in with the maid.”
Feeling the need for intimacy, Carlos . . ..

Will Carlos succumb to Monique's charms or will he stay faithful to his new wife?
Find out in Love's Sweetest Truth, book 3 in the Castle in the Sun romantic-suspense series.
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Wednesday, November 23, 2022



The word is spreading about "Where Your Heart Meets God's," a devotional book by Flora Reigada.
Patsy just can't stop reading.

Paws for a read.

Furry fans are lapping it up.

It's the cat's meow.
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